Date: 2011-10-03 03:26 am (UTC)
And 'River Who'? isn't that just the perfect reason why River is the Doctor's perfect partner, she can steal the show from him

However, I've been under the impression I was watching a show called Doctor Who, with a character called the Doctor, and not a show called River Who? which makes it an entirely different banana altogether.

Yes she does it out of selfishness but love is always selfish, what is marriage if not the ultimate declaration of selfishness 'I want you to be with me forever and nobody else'

I don't think love is selfish, and if that's the case, then we're all screwed. Furthermore, at least in DW, with previous companions, it's always shown that their love is for the good of other people, not for themselves. Jack died, the last man standing on Satellite 5, for love of the Doctor and to give him time to save the human race. We can argue that yes, Rose did a selfish thing in trying to get back to Satellite 5 as well because she wanted the Doctor safe - and by safe, she means blowing the entire Dalek fleet out of the water. Martha's selfish as well, yes, in that she loved a man who couldn't love her back - but that love enabled her to walk through hell on Earth for a year, a preacher-like figure that reminded the human race to believe in something. And Donna - Donna gave up her life for a man she's never met simply because she believed there was something better for everyone else, even though she wouldn't exist in that timeline.

And even when you look at Amy and Rory - Rory waited for 2,000 years for Amy in the Pandorica, even though the Doctor told him she would be safe, he still waited for her and stood guard by her. I don't think that's selfish at all. And when Older!Amy sacrificed her place on the TARDIS for Young!Amy to survive, I don't think that's selfish either.

She was created to be a killer, to stalk one man, and consciously decided to become a hero instead without changing her main motivation in life, to stalk that man.

First, I don't think she consciously decided to become a hero. In "Let's Kill Hitler", she was moved by his heroics, and his care for his companions despite his imminent death, and I think that simply resonated in her, that here is this man whom everyone up until that point in time is telling her is a killer and a murderer and will destroy the universe, and yet in front of her is simply a man who wants to do what's best for everyone, who cares too much.

(TBH, I don't think the Doctor also started to wanting to be a hero. He wanted to escape Gallifrey, and he wanted to see the universe, and he had a very good sense of what was right and what was wrong, and he couldn't stand to see children cry. I think that the last two is simply basic decency, not heroics.)

Furthermore, stalking is a rather unhealthy occupation, and I don't think anyone in their proper frame of mind would equate stalking with love.
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