Date: 2011-10-02 07:12 pm (UTC)
My only issue is that yes. This is pretty early in River's timeline. At this point, it's infatuation for her. She's the girl he cared about enough to die for (LKH). So you're right in that we're still seeing a very selfish River at this point. She's in a way still learning about herself and probably not grownup enough to a proper partner for the Doctor - as a companion, sure, but a life partner, she needs more and that's what the problem is I believe. Rose was still a bit immature in a way for the Doctor, or atleast, would be for the old man that Eleven is. She was a perfect partner for Ten, as he was as angsty as any early 20s trying to find out her own identity and way in the world is. They both found themselves in each other. Martha knew who she was and what she wanted. She was a doctor, a healer, and that made her a much more mature person. Mature enough to recognize that it wasn't going to work. Donna was also a mature woman. She never saw the Doctor as a romantic interest either. She'd been through a fair amount in her life and while she was aimless and drifting, Donna never ever had a problem with knowing who she was and where her values are. However, I'm not sure it's right to compare Donna and River and there was not a romantic relationship between Donna and the Doctor.
Now though... River is at the point in her timeline that she's just become her own person. She's figuring out who she is - gotten her doctorate in archaeology - and while she started it because of influence on her by the Doctor, who says that it stayed that way. She got a doctorate! That's years of study and dedication, to learning about the past. Time to reflect on herself. But also, she's still breaking that hold on her from the manipulation of who she is by the Silence. She's also still learning about love - the Doctor is the first person she's ever felt something like that for. I'm sure everyone remembers their first love. It's overpowering and amazing and you can't ever let go of it. That's the point that River's at right now. But also look at who she turns into at the end of her life. A person who sacrifices herself, to save him and other people. It's about growing up, and during the finale, River is still growing up. I think what the Doctor sees in her when he marries her is the person she turns into, after all, he has a unique perspective of seeing what she does with her life later.
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